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Who We Are

CRL Insurance Brokers is a modern and dynamic company specialized in insurance brokerage, counselling and management of private, business and institutional liabilities. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of each specific client.


In the last 40 years, we’ve grown thanks to our determination and our ability to keep up with the changing market. Our goal is to continue to innovate, maintain the professionalism which we are already known for, and become a reference in the insurance brokerage market.


CRL Insurance Brokers intends to be an independent and credible agent in the insurance brokerage market. Only through neutrality can we guarantee to our clients that they will find the solution that truly fits their requirements.


We rule ourselves by the values of trustworthiness, transparency and honesty. Moreover, we are very rigorous with the work we present to our clients, in keeping with our responsibility and professionalism.

Our History

We are a service provider that has been in the Insurance Brokerage sector for 40 years.


Company Incorporation

October 22, 1982

On 22/10/1982 the company Filinto Briosa, LA (FBL) was formed by a public deed at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, and was headquartered in the same municipality.

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Quota sale between Partners

November 18, 1983

On 18/11/1993, at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, the company’s statute was altered. On the 28th of the same month, in Oliveira do Bairro, 2 new partners were listed in the company’s statute.

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Quota Concession Between Partners

March 13, 1986

On 13/03/1986, at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, the company’s statute was altered due to concessions of quotas between the partners.

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Donation of Quotas between Father and Son

March 16, 1988

On 16/03/1988, at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, the company’s statute was altered due to the donation of quotas between Father and Son.

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Purchase and Sale of Quotas and Company Name Change

January 9, 1990

On 09/11/1990, at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, the company’s statute was altered due to the sale of quotas between partners. Carlos Reis buys the quota of the other partner and, to maintain a variety of owners, gifts a share to Maria José. These remain the sole partners of the company. On 17/12/1990, at the notary office of Oliveira do Bairro, the company’s statute was altered and the company name was altered to Carlos Reis – Mediação de Seguros, Lda.

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Registered Trademark

January 1, 2010

In 2010, the brand CRL – Mediação de Seguros, Lda was finally registered.

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CRL Seguros

March 4, 2022

Assinala este ano 40 anos na atividade seguradora.

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January 1, 2999

Our Team

CRL Seguros is a young and dynamic team, very motivated.

Carlos Reis


We’re a dynamic group and we specialize in insurance brokerage, in which we have a vast market experience and hold a strong leadership. We focus on being competent and keeping ourselves motivated, all the while providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. We work, on a daily basis, to offer the best services, counselling and managing our client’s insurance. We have been in this sector for 40 years and we intend to continue to make history with you.

“The reason of our existence is to serve you well.”

T. 919902613 // 234740369

Carlos José

Carlos José

Financial Director/Sales

T. 912 515 425 // 234 740 360

Marta Queiros

Marta Queiros

Account Management Intern

T. 910 636 642 // 234 425 943

Anabela Cardoso

Anabela Cardoso

Administrative / Sales

T. 918 709 802 // 234 740 360
João Silva

João Silva

General Services / Claims

T. 918 709 802 // 234 740 360

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