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Life Insurance

Life insurance insures the payment of a certain amount in case of death or permanent disability. Therefore, your life insurance protects your family and covers any debt, such as mortgage loans, that you have. It is usually based on the age of the insured and his or her health. In some cases, making a group life insurance that aggregates more than 1 person in your household may apply. 

Health Insurance

While life insurance protects your family, health insurance protects you. With a well planned health insurance, you will guarantee co-payments and reimbursements in several hospital services and private clinics, such as: surgery, exams, medical appointments, treatments and hospital admission. Some health insurance packs include dental and stomatology plans, while others focus on the elderly, for example.


Car Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory, but it’s not always easy to choose the one that best fits you. There are multi-risk car insurance plans and car insurance plans that are only activated in case of an accident. Therefore, we make available to you several plans with many levels of protection and optional coverage (glass breaking, breakdown rescue, temporary car replacement, vandalism, among others).


Multi-risk Household Insurance

The multi-risk household insurance plan can contemplate your house/fraction only or include household effects as well, protecting all of your assets. The advantage of the multi-risk insurance plan is that it covers a wide variety of storms or fatalities, such as: fire, explosion, storms, flooding, landslides, robbery, aerial fracture, earthquakes, among others.

Multi-risk Business Insurance

If you protect your house, you should also protect your company. Through a multi-risk business insurance plan you can minimize any loss or damage in properties used to carry out your business activity. Just as is the case with multi-risk household insurance, you can choose to cover other goods stored in the property, including furniture and equipment. 

Personal Liability and Accidents

Personal Liability

The personal liability insurance plan reimburses the insured in the amount for which he may be responsible in case of: damages caused to a third-party, negligence while carrying out a commercial or industrial activity and damages caused by defective products.

Personal Accidents Insurance

Personal accident insurance covers medical expenses and guarantees a subsidy in case of hospital admission, as well as additional coverage in case of death of permanent disability. It is valid for accidents that occur both during the course of a professional activity and on a private setting.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation isn’t only mandatory by law, it also protects workers in case an accident occurs during the course of his professional activity. Independent workers can (and should) also subscribe to such a plan.


One can now find several products in the market that are meant to be complementary to a retirement pension. The most familiar plans are known as Retirement Savings Plan (PPR) and some of them guarantee a good level of profitability and even fiscal benefits. If you wish to subscribe to a medium or long term plan, we will be happy to guide you through all of these products.

Other Insurance

Travel Insurance

With travel insurance, you will always depart in good company! For business or pleasure, these products help you in case there are delays or flight changes, luggage loss or other setbacks.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance plans cover civil liability expenses, medical and pharmaceutical expenses in case of accident, illness, euthanasia and funeral.

Hunter’s Insurance

Hunting is a dangerous activity and, as such, it should be protected. A hunter’s insurance plan covers civil liability expenses, personal accidents, guns and hunting dogs.

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